Renewable Energy

We are a leading and Dynamic company providing complete energy solutions including importation & local distribution of Energy materials. This includes electrical products for domestic, commercial and industrial sectors & renewable energy products primarily focusing on Solar water heating and P.V Lighting systems.

Whatever the works, we have a dedicated technical team of experienced professionals led by a fully qualified and registered electrical engineer.

Solar PV

We are one of the leading companies dealing with solar photo-voltaic products such as solar panels, solar powered street lights, solar batteries, inverters and several other solar products.

Makilite Energy

Solar Water Heating

Via our IMMA solar brand we provide highly efficient solar water heating systems for your company, industry, hotel, school or for your home.

Makilite Energy

Solar Road & Street Lights

Worried and scared of darkness in the evening? Well, say goodbye to darkness in the evening as well as costly electricity bills. Makilite presents a convenient and cost-effective plan to light your streets at night. Our set of solar street lighting fixtures provide clear visibility to drivers and pedestrians without using AC power from the grid. We help you realize significant energy savings and quick payback period from your low initial investment.


Solar Flood & Area Lights (Security Lights)

Makilite is dedicated to making the daylight feeling last on and on. With our solar powered flood and area lighting, we guarantee you brighter and highly illuminated nights that is perfect for your Security, Sporting and Entertainment events while at the same time keep your electricity bills low.


Urban Solar Lighting

Makilite helps transform your urban trading and business premises into a shiny solar powered haven in the evening. We ensure that our customers feel secure with our bright and high illumination solar lights that are eco-friendly and at the same time reduce your energy costs with a payback period of 2 years from your initial investment.

Urban Lighting

Solar community light centre

In rural areas and other parts with no connection to the grid, solar powered lighting is the solution you need. Makilite is here to bring your community closer together by improving rural night life. Our solar powered lighting ensures that you carry on your activities even after night in rural areas with more activities like schools, health centers, business, local pubs etc.

Solar Community

Solar indoor Lighting

Improve your indoor life at night with a set of solar powered products from Makilite. These give you more time to read, watch, write, cook and do other activities uninterruptedly at night. They also charge phones, radios, TVs, torches and so on and hence ensure you can stay in rural areas without worrying about electricity.

Solar Indoor Lighting

Solar Rooftop Options

Makilite offers comprehensive solutions for your solar backup needs. We utilize the unused space of your rooftop for installation of solar modules that meet your power needs. The solar panels come with Inverters, charge controllers, batteries and other accessories.

Solar Community

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Energy Savings

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  • Non Renewable Energy Products

We pride ourselves as being one of the leading provider of solar solutions from sales to full solar installations for plug & play, domestic, commercial and Industrial requirements. We have a dedicated technical team of experienced engineers and technicians available to meet all your Solar solutions requirements for both Photo-Voltaic & Water heating Solutions.